FireStart BPM

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: December 1st, 2020

Published: October 9th, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: C#, Visual Basic

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FireStart BPM

Custom Activity


Enables direct interactions with workflows on the FireStart BPM platform and vice versa.

With this activity set you can

In UiPath Studio: ​
  • Initiate FireStart workflows and submit arguments​
  • Trigger intermediate events in the FireStart workflow and submit arguments​
In FireStart Client: ​
  • Start UiPath job within FireStart Workflow ​
  • Add queue item via the FireStart Workflow​
  • Check Status of job/queue item and get the output​



The integration of FireStart and UiPath will bring more transparency, consistency, seamlessness and automation in various processes as well as improved governance and trackability along the workflows. 


Enterprise 20.10


Newtonsoft.Json 12.0.3


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