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Export Orchestrator Schedules Calendar



Updated: October 26th, 2020

Published: September 14th, 2018

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Export Orchestrator Schedules Calendar



Exports all scheduled processes for the connected Orchestrator in an excel file, one sheet for each robot.

Retrieves schedule data from Orchestrator using Orchestrator HTTP Request activity - uses the robot authentication and the robot must have view permission for Schedules.
For each cron expression in the schedules, the next run times are computed using Cron Expression activity and then the result are saved in an Excel file, one sheet per robot.
Only the start time of the execution is considered.
  • When the execution target is set to a number of robots, the output will contain a sheet and the name will contain the number of robots and the environment name.
Future improvements:
  • Compute the end time of the job
  • by using the Stop After, if set.
  • by estimating based on previous runs.
NOTE: Installation Guidelines for Snippets can be found here.



Useful in identifying free slots to schedule another process, in Orchestrator.


Tested in UiPath Studio 2018.4.6 and 2019.4.3, but should work in other versions as well.


""  Cron Expression activities
Microsoft Excel


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