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Expert System - Cogito NLP for UiPath Platform



Published: May 15th, 2019

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Expert System - Cogito NLP for UiPath Platform



With this connector you can bring AI into a RPA process. Cogito can understand a document, extract the relevant information for a process and automate the extraction of data and use it



Enabling Human Comprehension & Insight at Scale
Empowering RPA with cognitive capabilities helps enterprises “make sense” of data faster and with higher levels of accuracy, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.
The integration with Expert System’s cognitive computing technology adds the critical skill of Knowledge & Insight to UiPath Intelligent Automation, enabling Digital Workers to harvest information from different data sources, understand it and deliver previously unreachable insights.
The integration of Cogito features Natural Language Processing (NLP) with UiPath’s RPA helps enterprises automate repetitive business processes based on large volumes of unstructured data—text documents, email, customer interactions, call notes etc., reducing errors, improving efficiency and increasing scalability of operations.


All previous and current UiPath Studio versions


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