Excel OLEDB Add-on

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 27th, 2020

Published: March 1st, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Excel OLEDB Add-on

Custom Activity


This package provides activities to automate Excel using OLEDB

This Activity Pack contains the Activities mentioned below:
  • This activity is a container for all other activities in this package
Read With Filter
  • Select all or particular columns in output datatable
  • Can use conditions with multiple operators to get only filtered data
  • Can retrieve data after sorting on columns
  • Get Top rows from the table
Insert Row
  • Using this activity we can insert a row in the targeted Excel sheet
Update Rows
  • Update your Excel sheet based on the condition or update all rows
Get Sheet Names
  • This activity returns an array of all the Excel sheets in the targeted Excel file
Get Column Names
  • This activity returns an array of all the column in the targeted Excel sheet



Get only the data which is required (No need to read entire table and then apply filter - Execution time reduced & memory also will be used less than other approaches)
Multiple conditions can be given for Read/Insert/Update operations
Suits your needs if you have simple, uniform structured tables
It is fast, and it works even on machines where MS Excel is not installed
It is really a good way to insert/update data in Excel


2016.2 or > versions of UiPath


Excel 32 bit version
Microsoft OLEDB 32 bit drivers for windows. Available on Microsoft webpage.


- Excel_Add-on_OLEDB_UserGuide.pdf


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