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HCL - Exacto – Intelligent Content Digitization

Machine Learning Model

Machine Learning Model
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HCL - Exacto – Intelligent Content Digitization

Machine Learning Model


Exacto is a Natural Language Processing-based AI product, capable of reading, interpreting and extracting both structured and unstructured text information



• Information extraction from unstructured, Semi-Structured and Structured data
• Can extract information from multiple source types -Scanned documents, Digital files, images, Excel sheets, emails, text files etc.
• Integrate seamlessly with existing workflow
• Exacto is not dependant on any template for data extraction
• Process documents in multiple languages not limited to English, Spanish, German etc.
• Built in domain ontology to enhance semantic search & sort out relevant data on the documents
• Active learning feature to enhance the accuracy by learning from the feedback provided by the reviewer


The product is compatible with the current and previous Studio versions since all it needs is an API hosted on server to connect with the BOT.


Exacto solution is based on open source machine learning libraries. There is no dependency on 3rd party application.