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Eventbrite Platform Integration

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Published: July 15th, 2020

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Industry: Utilities

Eventbrite Platform Integration

Custom Activity


Simplify automating processes that include Eventbrite entities by replacing UI operations with background API calls

This activity performs Single as well as Bulk Operations to Create, Update, Delete and Retrieve Eventbrite entities.

Eventbrite entities include Event, Venue, Ticket Class, Ticket Group, Custom Questions, Orders, Attendees, Inventory tier, Discount.

The bot also provides functionalities to Publish, Unpublish, Cancel Events. It also allows listing Event, Venue, Attendee and Order.

The response of this custom activity is either JObject for the single operation or JArray for the bulk operation which takes input as CSV/Excel file or JArray and list operations.

  • EventbriteCredentials (for authentication): Private Token
  • Respective Eventbrite Items / Input Filepaths (CSV/Excel)/ JSON Array

  • JObject or JArray.

Refer to the Readme file for detailed information about each operation.



• User can easily perform and manage their operations via bot instead of app or website.
• Automates single/bulk creation, updating, deletion of many operations using CSV/Excel file, or JSON Array input.
• Offloads high volume, repetitive tasks from day-to-day work.
• Speeds up the execution of data entry through automation available 24/7.


UiPath Studio v2020.4


Newtonsoft.Json >= 12.0.3
TimeZoneConverter >= 3.2.0
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel >= 15.0.4795.1000


- Eventbrite_AppPerfect_User_Manual_V1.0.0.pdf