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Ephesoft QuickScreen ID Reader

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Ephesoft QuickScreen ID Reader

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QuickScreen is a global ID (Passport/Driver's License/National ID) image reader that is pre-trained for ID data extraction, photo crop and signature crop.

QuickScreen is a powerful, pretrained and accurate ID reader technology that performs image clean up and enhancement, OCR and data extraction off of just about any ID format in the world today. It is a multi-lingual engine that runs as a module of the Ephesoft Transact platform, and provides straight through processing, as well as interactive validation of identification documents. It can be provisioned for on premise, cloud or hybrid deployments and uses the standard transact activities. Here are some details:
  • Can be enabled with our mobile app or SDK to have mobile devices capture IDs
  • Runs on-premises, as a cloud service or in hybrid mode
  • Fast and accurate OCR ID reader technology
  • Works on passports, driver's licenses, national identification cards and many others.
  • Read and extract driver's licenses for all 50 U.S. states, as well as 200 ID types.
  • Data returned through a web endpoint or provided in a consumable data format.
  • Power of Ephesoft Transact allows out of the box processing, but can also be customized for specific ID use cases.



Pre-trained model with over 200 ID formats supported.
Eliminates manual entry of ID data for KYC, on boarding and background investigations.  
Provides accurate and extensive ID data on demand.




Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.2
RestSharp 106.4.2
Ephesoft Transact Activities
Ephesoft QuickScreen Cloud Endpoint or Server