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Enquero - Sales Mailing Agent BOT



Updated: August 25th, 2020

Published: February 20th, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Enquero - Sales Mailing Agent BOT



Sales Mailing Agent BOT workflow is an abstract implementation of a hybrid automation robot to demo a sales process scenario, to send a bulk email as part of sales promotional campaign.

Hybrid Automation is a practice of developing a single integrated platform of automation solution by bringing together the Attended and Unattended Robots to automate business processes end-to-end. Such robots are called hybrid robots.

While the attended robot helps with the customer or user facing front-end processes, the unattended robot does intensive back-end processing. When the user triggers the attended robot, it picks the front-end processes to complete tasks which can provide enough context to kick-off the next unattended robot to complete the required back-end processing. This way, the user is in full control of letting the both attended and unattended robots function on the business processes on his demand. Customer Support, HR, Sales and Invoice Processing are some of the business use cases where the user at the front-end is in-charge of initiating the end-to-end processing tasks.

Sales Mailing Agent BOT workflow is an abstract implementation of hybrid automation robot, bot in short. The implementation is based on a sales process scenario where a sales person is required to send a bulk email to multiple prospects in the introductory phase. The sales person has a list of prospects’ email-ids, names, company names, subject of the email campaign, etc. The sales person can delegate to the hybrid robots the task of sending emails to the prospects. This way, the sales person can engage himself into other valued added strategic tasks to convert prospects into customers.



The advantages of using the Sales Mailing Agent BOT include:
1. Save the time and effort of sales person from manually composing & sending emails in bulk to the prospects.
2. Enable sales person be more focused on email responses of the prospects and work on business strategies.
3. The same component can be leveraged to cater the front-office needs of HR and Operation Teams.


Tested with:
UiPath Studio 2019.12.0-beta.61
Windows 10 OS
MS Excel 2016


MS Excel
MS Outlook
UiPath Orchestrator


- Enquero_SalesMailingAgent.pdf


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