Enhanced REFrameWork

Workflow Template

Enhanced REFrameWork

Workflow Template


A UiPath Studio template upon which you can build, test and run attended and unattended business processes, irrespective of process data types and process linearity



Low code signature: A handful of clearly written, commented reusable functions that anyone can understand and a clearly commented Main.xaml bringing structure to the process design architecture
Separation of concerns: We keep framework implementation separate from business logic code, allowing developers and SMEs alike to focus on building processes
Reusability: Works for any type of process, Independent of Data sources (QueueItems, local excel files, Database data, API retrieved data), Independent of process linearity
Maintain, extend and upgrade: Easy to maintain, thanks to code lightness and SOC. Extend to achieve process behavior by editing 6 empty workflows that connect to the Main.xaml in a standard way. Upgrade or extend framework independently of business code, by editing only one file, the Main.xaml
Exception recovery and retry: If all recovery options are exhausted, closing and restarting the application environment while remembering data is what humans do too. Top-level exception recovery is managed by the framework layer with Retry rules you can easily configure
Audit: Keep track of the robot's work, with as much detail and privacy as you choose with the new Workblock concept; Add business information of your choosing to the published log


Version 2018.1 




- REFramework_architecture_UML.pdf
- REFramework_Work_Blocks.pdf
- Workblock_UML.pdf
- Uipath_Go_User_Guide_updated.pdf


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