Easy Word Activities

Custom Activity

Easy Word Activities

Custom Activity


This package allows the user to simplify Word automation

This package contains the following activities:

  • Find Replace - Find and replace the entire document
  • RemoveDisplayLineNumber - Remove the display line number
  • WordStatistics- Obtain WordCount, Total Pages,Total Lines,Total Characters,Total CharactersWithSpaces and Total Paragraphs
  • Insert Table - Insert a new table in the document
  • SetTableValue - Set the value into the table. The table index starts with one
  • DeleteTable - Delete the table. The table index starts with one
  • CopyTable To Clipboard - Copy the table to Clipboard. The table index starts with one
  • WordToPdf - Convert the Word file to PDF
  • Insert TableRows - Insert new rows in the table
  • Insert TableColumns - Insert a new column in the table
  • Delete Columns - Delete specific column
  • Delete Row - Delete specific row
  • Table Info - Get the total rows and columns
  • Change Password - To change/remove the password to the document
  • Create Document - Create a new document
  • Merge Documents - Join/Merge two documents
  • Insert Header Footer- Insert a header/footer with odd, even and first-page text
  • Read Header Footer - Read the header/footer text
  • Remove Header Footer - Remove the header/footer
  • Add page break - Add the page break at the end of the document
  • Paste - Paste the clipboard into the document.
  • Remove Display lineNumber - Remove the display line number
  • Word Statistics - To get the pages count, words count, characters count, paragraph count, and lines count. It is excluded textboxes, footnote, and endnote.
  • Insert DataTable - Insert a new table with the table style
  • Insert Rows - Insert the rows to the table
  • AutoFit - Autofit Fixed Column/Content/Window
  • Table Count - Get the total table counts in the document.
  • Table Style - Set the table style inside the document.
  • Save As - Save the file with a different format (Document,Template,Text,TextLineBreaks,DOSText,DOSTextLineBreaks, RTF,UnicodeText_EncodedText,HTML,WebArchive,FilteredHTML,XML, XMLDocument,XMLDocumentMacroEnabled,XMLTemplate, XMLTemplateMacroEnabled,DocumentDefault,PDF,XPS,FlatXML, FlatXMLMacroEnabled ,FlatXMLTemplate,FlatXMLTemplateMacroEnabled, OpenDocumentText,StrictOpenXMLDocument).
  • Execute Macro - Execute the macro



The activities help with Word automation


It is compatible with UiPath Studio version 2018+ 




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