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Easy PowerPoint Activities

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Easy PowerPoint Activities

Custom Activity


An activity library that makes PowerPoint automation very easy

This package contains various PowerPoint activities that will help automate your work.
The full list of activities is available below:
  • Execute Macro - executes the macro-enabled commands from your PowerPoint
The following activities work only in PowerPoint Application Scope:
  • Slide Transitions - set the PowerPoint application transition to slide and timing options.
  • Comments Add - add comments with the author and position option to slides.
  • Comments Read - marks comments and replies as read.
  • Comments Delete - deletes comments from a slide.
  • Slide Extractor - Extract the text from a slide.
  • Edit Text - Edit the text in the slide base on the index.
  • Image Extractor - Extracts all the images from a slide.
  • Chart Shape Count - Get the total count of chart shapes available in a slide.
  • Image Shape Count - Get the total count of images available in a slide
  • Text Shape Count - Get the total count of the text frames available in a slide.
  • Text ShapeEdit - To edit the text shape inside the slide of the PowerPoint
  • Chart Image Extract - Extract the chart as an image.
  • ChartCopyToClipboard - Copy the chart the into the clipboard
  • ChartDelete - Delete the chart
  • ChartFormat - Format the chart with left,top,width,height
  • PasteClipboard - Paste the clipboard data inside the slide
  • SaveAs - Save as (pdf, Presentation and etc..)



This package's activity is to allow a quick read for the text from slides and execute the macros in a simple way.


2019.4.3 and later version




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