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Aito - Easy Actionable Machine Learning



Updated: September 3rd, 2020

Published: April 16th, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Aito - Easy Actionable Machine Learning



How to use machine learning to categorize data ("Which business unit does this invoice belong to?") and predict missing values: "This invoice doesn't have a VAT-category. Which is the right one?"

This quick demo shows how to integrate intelligence into your automation processes without having to worry about training, hosting and maintaining machine learning models. It uses Aito predictive database to handle them for you behind the scenes.

The three basic steps to achieve this are:
  1. Collect a dataset of structured data (e.g. a spreadsheet)
  2. Upload the dataset into Aito instance (request an instance here:
  3. Interact and make predictions with UiPath HTTP Request activity

The demo video is found in the "Media" tab.

For more info about the ML technology used, please visit



Increased automation rate of any process where human intervention is occasionally needed, such as categorizing data or filling missing information.


Requires data to be in structured format (e.g. can be presented in DataTable).


Requires UiPath Web Activities enabled.