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Updated: October 13th, 2020

Published: August 30th, 2020

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Xebia - E-voting



There are various challenges ahead for the election commission for conducting fair election mechanism for the mass. For the resolution, we propose the transparent and fair election mechanism.

We have developed a solution for online or e-voting using UiPath studio, Document Understanding, Action center and Task capture.

In this solution the user will have to register from a Register page, wherein the user will have to enter his/her name, phone number, email id, unique identification number from ID proof and upload a copy of ID proof Document (image file or PDF file).

Once registered successfully the user will receive a confirmation email and SMS on moblile which will also contain an Unique Reference number which will be used for login purpose.

To extract data from ID document file we are using Document Understanding and if the extracted data has low confidence score, we will forward it for manual verification using the action center.

After the verification is completed, the user can login into the evoting page using the unique identification number from ID proof and unique reference number received on email/SMS. After login the user can cast the vote and logout. We can also see a real time bar graph of the votes gained by political parties.



Increase in participation for voting.
Secure, robust and effective tool for e-voting.


UiPath Studio


Working internet on mobile or laptop.


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