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Duco Straight through Processing

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Published: August 13th, 2019

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Duco Straight through Processing

Custom Activity


Leverage Intelligent Automation to automatically resolve data quality in Duco



Duco is not only a solutions platform for data quality and integrity but also provides an exceptions management workflow to resolve data breaks. Expedite break resolution by automatically assigning data breaks in Duco to UiPath bots who are trained to interact with your other data sources to update systems, data bases, or tables with correct information. In addition, ensure data lineage and audit trails by having those bots update the stages of workflow and comment history in Duco.
The result is only needing humans for those non-repeatable data breaks to save time, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and further achieve intelligent automation.


All previous and current versions of UiPath


Requires one to be a user of Duco.