Druid - Chat Bot

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 20th, 2020

Published: September 28th, 2018

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Druid - Chat Bot

Custom Activity


The DRUID chat bot platform providing native integration with UiPath.

The DRUID chat bot brings conversation capabilities to UiPath robots and adds cognitive services to the DRUID chat bots.
We started from a POC idea in which we wanted to start RPA processes from Druid conversations and viceversa. Besides this, we needed to make sure that everything runs automated with no human intervention. Due to this requirement we started using the UiPath Orchestrator queues to push and consume conversation business related information. When developing our sample RPA processes to be triggered from a conversation we needed a way to send back to our Druid platform, the needed information for this trigger to happen. The idea of having a custom code activity emerged including a REST client triggering an API call to the Druid Platform.
The conversations are configured with the Conversation Designer in DRUID platform. No code required. Chatting with the bots is possible in Intranet web pages (land bot page, skype for business, skype, slack or even in Facebook).



The joint functionality of chat bots and RPA combined, alleviates the burden experienced by the human workforce brought on by repetitive, mundane and low value admin driven tasks.
It only seems natural for instant chat and Robotic Process Automation to come together in contributing towards the customer self-service and employee productivity revolution.


UiPath Studio and Robot 2018.2.3
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition


Custom activity library dependencies:
Visual Studio 2017
Microsoft .Net FWK 4.6.1
Newtonsoft.Json v.11.0.2
RestSharp v106.3.1
MSTest.TestAdapter v1.3.2
MSTest.TestFramework v1.3.2
Druid Platform dependencies:
In order to have an end to end integration flow between an RPA process and the Druid Platform, several configurations are needed on our side.
These configurations include: setting up the tenant, creating the conversation infrastructure such as the bot, conversational flows etc.


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