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Custom Activity

Updated: October 17th, 2020

Published: April 29th, 2020

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Display Activities

Custom Activity


A package containing activities for interfacing with the display devices, monitors and their respective display modes (resolution, frequency, etc.)

When you need to retrieve information pertaining to the display devices on the computers running a workflow, or set specific characteristics of the device like it being the main display (primary monitor) or set a particular display mode (resolution + frequency). The activities interface with the display devices through the Windows API.

RPA developers can use it to run display dependent scenarios.

The activities are available under the UIPathTeam > Display node.
  • The Get Display Devices activity lets you retrieve all of the devices, filter them by avaialability or any other traits you need, include monitor information and output a list of devices.
  • The Get Specific Display Device allows you to retrieve a device by name. Alternatively, if you leave the DeviceName field empty, the main (primary) device information is retrieved.
  • The Set Primary Device lets you change the main (primary) device to a device you name.
  • The Get Display Modes activity lets you retrieve all of the display modes supported by the named device. Alternatively, if you leave the DeviceName field empty, the main (primary) device supported modes are retrieved.
  • The Get Current Display Mode allows you to retrieve the current display mode of a named device. Alternatively, if you leave the DeviceName field empty, the main (primary) device's current mode is retrieved.
  • The Set Display Mode lets you change the display mode of a device you name, either by specifying a DisplayMode object or by specifying a Width and Height combo (should there be more than one display mode with the specified width and height, the ones with the highest color depth are chosen, and of these, the one with the highest frequency is chosen).
You can read up more on the Windows API functions for enumerating devices, enumerating display modes and changing the display settings.

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You can now control the resolution of the screen while a workflow is running, or ensure a particular monitor is set as the main display while running a workflow.


UiPath Studio 2019.4+




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