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Digital Reasoning - Inappropriate Language Model



Published: October 28th, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Digital Reasoning - Inappropriate Language Model



Detect inappropriate language with natural language processing

Culture is a difficult thing to create and maintain. At the scale of your business, how do you know that your customer service representatives are not offending customers? That your community message boards are encouraging healthy discussion? That your developers are not inserting inappropriate comments into your codebase. Or perhaps your customers are so frustrated that they are resorting to four-letter words.
Digital Reasoning teaches machines to analyze human communications like an expert would, at a scale and speed experts cannot operate.
Our inappropriate language detector is one of dozens of machine-learned models we’ve built. Simply pass in a sentence or an entire communication, and we’ll scale for uncouth communication.
  • Excessive swearing and angry sentiment
  • Derogatory remarks and insults
  • Discriminatory statements and expression of any kind; for instance, gender and racial slurs
  • Hateful language with harsh intent, either directly to or about a person
Use Cases
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Entertainment



Look for signals of customer dissatisfaction
Ensure your support representatives are behaving properly
Monitor your internal and open source codebases
Analyze community message board materials


Tested on Studio 2019.10.0-beta.200 with UiPath.Web.Activities v1.4.4.


The UiPath.Web.Activities package must be installed.


- Digital_Reasoning_Inappropriate_Language_Model.pdf


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