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Delete Browser History

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Custom Activity
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Delete Browser History

Custom Activity


Delete Browser History activity will remove all your browsing history from Internet Explorer



Benefits of "Delete Browser History" activity:
1)Preventing the accidental saving of secure data or login credentials.
Sometimes human and bot may access the same machine one after another it is not possible to dedicate a machine completely for bot running and vice versa.
Human may access the machine after bot execution.Deleting browsing history after each bot execution may helps us to prevent accidental saving of secure data or login credentials. 
2)Not allow websites to track or prevent website tracking
Every website visit places a cookie on your computer.In case of automating secure sites such as banking,finance and accounting this activity helps to prevent tracking websites.
3)To speed up your browser and increase the better performance of your browser.
Cookies get saved as files on your hard drive.Though they are small files, when there are a lot of them, they take up space.In addition, your web browser used up more computing power in order to load web pages that are saved in your browser history as it searches all of your cookies files in order to perform its function properly.


UiPath Studio 2018.1 and above


No dependencies


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