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Date Time Manipulation

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Published: May 31st, 2020

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Industry: Information

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Date Time Manipulation

Custom Activity


This activity can perform various date time manipulations, this way saving time from writing codes to do so

This activity simplifies the date time manipulation. It has the below inputs:

1. DT1(String) - Input date in string format.
2. DT2 (DateTime) - Input date in DateTimeformat.
3. DT3 (DateTime) - Input date in DateTimeformat.
4. Month (Integer)
5. Year (Integer)


1. Change string to datetime format (Variable DT1 serves as input)
2. Calculate time difference (Based on DT2 and DT3)
3. Calculate time difference in number of hours (Based on DT2 and DT3)
4. Calculate time difference in number of days (Based on DT2 and DT3)
5. Check if it is a leap year (Based on variable Year)
6. Compare two dates (Based on DT2 and DT3)
7. Calculate number of days in a given month (Based on Year and Month variable)



Benefits of this activity:
1.	Change a date in string variable to DateTime variable in format “dd/MM/yyyy”
2.	Compare two dates to check for greater, smaller or same dates
3.	Calculate number of days between two given dates
4.	Calculate number of hours between two given dates
5.	Know the day of the week on a given date
6.	Know the number of days in a month
7.	Calculate time difference in terms of time span.


UiPath Studio version 2019 and above




- Date Time Management Activity.docx


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