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Datatable - Change Column Datatype

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 21st, 2020

Published: July 11th, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Datatable - Change Column Datatype

Custom Activity


This activity helps a user to change the datatype of a datatable column to any user selected datatype.



Changing the column datatype can be helpful to perform different operation on them. For example: If a user extracts the table from an application and gets the columns with string datatype. So in this case the filteration of data on a specific condition which requires comparison between the column value and an integer value becomes very difficult if the column datatype is not changed to Integer.
Hence this activity can prove very beneficial in such cases where data manipulation is required depending upon datatypes.
This activity gives a user the benefit to change the column datatype to any user selected datatype where the conversion is a possible one .


From v2016 onwards




- Change_Column_Datatype.pdf


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