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Custom Activity


Machine Learning Made Easy

DataRobot's process is simple, but powerful:
Upload a spreadsheet of data, select a target feature, and DataRobot quickly fits hundreds of machine learning models to your data. Deploy the best one and make your UiPath robots even smarter!
This activity set has two components:
Create Project - Builds a new project on the DataRobot server by uploading a tabular data file (.csv, for example) and specifying a target feature. ML models are then automatically fitted to this data set and trained to predict the target feature.
Predict - Once an ML model has been deployed on the DataRobot server, this activity uses it to predict the target feature based on a single data set.
Activities are localized in Japanese, French, and Russian.



Banking - Predict which credit card transactions are most likely fraudulent based on transaction characteristics.
Energy - Predict which locations will produce the most crude oil and raw natural gas at the most efficient cost.
Healthcare - Optimize supply chain delivery processes by predicting which pharmaceutical orders can likely to be consolidated to save on shipping costs.
and many many more!


UiPath Studio 2018.4+


Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime >=2.3.18
Newtonsoft.Json >=10.0.3
RestSharp >=106.6.9



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