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Cron Expression

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Activities to get next run time(s) for a cron expression, or all run times in a given time range. Uses 3rd party library

Activities in this package:
  • Get next run time - Simple activity to get the next run time for a cron expression. It uses the GetTimeAfter method from lbrary.
  • Get next run times - Get next "n" run times for a cron expression. Using the same GetTimeAfter method in a loop.
  • Get all runs in interval - Get next runs for a given time range, for example I want all scheduled runs for the next 10 days.
Uses 3rd party library Quartz.dll (, included in the package. The 3rd party library was included in the package, not just added as reference, because this way we can use all types and public methods from the library.
Can be used to get "a calendar" of scheduled jobs in Orchestrator, there is also snippet available for this - Export Schedules Calendar for Orchestrator. The Orchestrator API provides only the cron expression for a given schedule, not the next run times according to the cron expression, so we can use the methods provided in this package to get the run times according to schedule.
NOTE: Installation Guidelines for Custom Activities can be found here.



The activities included in this package can be used to get trigger times for a cron expression.
Can be useful if we want to find out when a scheduled process will be executed, in a given time interval. In Orchestrator we have only the next run time available, but we can get the cron expression using API and, with the help of the activities included in this package, we can get all scheduled execution times in the given interval.


UiPath Studio and Robots 2018.4 and newer.


Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET -


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