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RPABotPro - Credit Memo Request Processing Bot


RPABotPro - Credit Memo Request Processing Bot



Credit memos are a type of transaction in accounting that allows reimbursement of payments owed to customers

There are about 9 manual steps to be taken in order to fill out credit memos. Not only is this time consuming when having to process hundreds of credit memos a month but it also allows plenty of instances for human error.
This bot automates the processing and issue of Credit Memos, increasing processing speed and reducing human error. This solution is available as an Unattended Bot on AWS.



1. 80% reduction in OPEX costs with 1 only processor required to handle work (exceptions handling only)
2. Document AHT reduced to 10 seconds per document
Only 0.5%  exceptions encountered  
 3. SLA maintained as per contract - 100% compliance 
Only 1 processor required to handle exceptions- 80% FTE reduction 
4. ROI 2 months


SAP, SIMPLI, Quickbooks
Outlook, GMAIl, Notes