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Add Salesforce Accounts from Multiple CSV Files



Updated: August 27th, 2020

Published: April 14th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Add Salesforce Accounts from Multiple CSV Files



Helps for quick Salesforce Account creation by reading Accounts data from multiple CSV files

This solution is helping for quick Salesforce Account creation by reading predefined data from multiple CSV files and by using “Add Account” activity.

Also, if the field ParentId is not populated in the CSV files, this solution is offering the option to either choose to continue anyway (because that is not a required field), to choose from the list of the existing accounts for parent account or to provide a CSV file for creating new account for the parent account.

After Accounts are successfully created, they will be validated by using “Check ID” activity.

How to use:
  • Watch this video in order to establish a connection between UiPath and Salesforce Lighting Platform.
  • Update the CSV files with appropriate data (the CSV files by default are stored in “CsvAccountData” folder).
  • Open Main.xaml file in UiPath Studio.
  • Click on Run File.
  • It will ask you to provide the required input data such: Salesforce username, Salesforce password, Security Token, Consumer Key, Security Key and location of the CSV file (in case it was changed from the default location).
  • If in the CSV File for the specific Account the ‘ParentId’ cell is not populated then, there are three different options from which you can choose:
1. Continue anyway (without Parent Account populated)
2. Parent Account from the existing Accounts (user can choose from the drop-down menu one of the existing accounts in Salesforce)
3. Add new Account for Parent Account (user can add a new Account for Parent Account, you need to provide a new path (stored in the “CsvAccountDataNewAccount” folder) for the new Account)



Quick Account creation in Salesforce Lighting Platform and data validation for the created Accounts.


Tested on Studio version 2020.4.0




- UiPath_Add_AccountsInto_Salesforce.pdf


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