Convert XML To XSD

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 11th, 2020

Published: July 19th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Convert XML To XSD

Custom Activity


This Custom Activity can be used to convert XML file to XSD file

XSD - XML Schema Definition, commonly known as XSD, is a way to describe precisely the XML language. XSD checks the validity of structure and vocabulary of a XML document against the grammatical rules of the appropriate XML language.

This custom activity contains simple steps that need to be followed:
  • InputXmlFolder: Provide Input XML folder path.
  • OutputXsdFolder: Provide Output XSD folder path.
  • File: Indicates if the XSD file create or not. The field supports only Boolean variables.

Note: The User Guide is provided for scenarios and properties options.



Omkar Paluri


This custom activity helps you to convert XML to XSD file. XSD defines what elements and attributes may appear in a XML document. It also defines the relationship of the elements and what data may be stored in them.


All previous and current versions of UiPath Studio


No dependencies


- UserGuide-Xml to Xsd.docx


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