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Convert Words into Numbers

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 19th, 2020

Published: June 14th, 2020

Downloads: 14

Industry: finance-and-insurance

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Convert Words into Numbers

Custom Activity


This Custom Activity will convert any given words into numbers

Reusable component which allows you to convert any given word into numbers (in English).

For example:
  • If the input word is One Hundred Twenty Three, the output would be 123
  • If the input word is One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four, the output would be 1234
  • If the input word is Ten-thousand-five-hundred,the output would be 10500
  • If the input word is Minus five thousand twenty five,the output would be -5025
  • If the input word is $Nine hundred,the output would be 900
Note: The User Guide is provided for scenarios and properties options.



Omkar Paluri


This custom activity helps you to convert words into numbers. It comes in handy when you are dealing with automation in finance and banking industry where you need to convert the input words into amounts.


Tested on version 2020.4.1 Community Edition


No Dependencies


- UserGuide-Words to Digits.doc


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