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Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: December 1st, 2020

Published: March 26th, 2019

Downloads: 2206

Industry: Information

Process: Sales

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Custom Activity


30 Activities and 3 wizards that allow you to do a very fast implementation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For this activity you have multiple movies on YouTube.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Activity package allows you to perform various operations such as adding, deleting, updating, or getting (ADD, DELETE, UPDATE or GET) on the main entities of Salesforce. The main entities include LIST, SUBSCRIBER, DATAEXTENSION, CAMPING, SMS, EMAIL.



the background automation is very fast and the automation is safe because it’s totally independent from your web browsers and the Salesforce layout
interactions between the robot and the software are greatly reduced, leading to a reduction in the number of errors. 


Component is compatible with any Salseforce Marketing Cloud systems with version higher that October 2018 .
UiPath Studio >=2017.1


Salesforce Marketing Cloud REST API enabled. Please check manual to see all the steps for this configuration.


- UiPathGo_ユーザーガイド_Connector for Marketing Cloud Automation_日本語版_V1.2.pdf
- UiPathGo_User_Guide_Connector for Marketing Cloud Automation_V1.2.pdf


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