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Communications Mining and Automation



Communications Mining and Automation



Make communications (email, chat, calls) structured, actionable data - for analytics and automation.

Re:infer's Communications Intelligence platform gives business users the capability to automatically analyse and interpret the unstructured communications data within their organisation (emails, calls, notes, chats, tickets, etc.).

With Re:infer’s automated understanding, organisations can uncover all the manual, inefficient and broken processes transacted in communications. Deploying this capability at scale enables a rapid and low cost means to identify the greatest opportunities for digital transformation and automation.

Converting this unstructured data into structured data means UiPath software robots can understand and act on this data.

The integration with UiPath massively increases the scope of automation.



Rapid deployment and model training

Understands complex, multi intent, multi-turn human to human conversations.

Zero code model training, analytics and automation triggers

Scalable and secure


Studio 2019 onwards.


API Token - Orchestrator Asset	- A credential asset with the name ‘re:infer Api Token’ no username is required however the password should be your re:infer API token.

API Url - Orchestrator Asset - An orchestrator asset with the name ‘re:infer Api Url’ this should be the base URL for your re:infer API. For example '’