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Hexaware - Stock Indicator

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: August 6th, 2020

Published: June 1st, 2020

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Industry: Information

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Hexaware - Stock Indicator

Custom Activity


This activity checks for stock market details

The bot opens the browser to visit NSE website and downloads Nifty50 data which contains stock details like last closing rate, latest opening rate and percent change.

By taking as input the percentage change, the Stock Indicator custom activity decides which shares should be considered for trading and which shares should avoid trading for that day or keep an eye on those shares.



All processing is done inside a single strip sized activity.


I executed it using UiPath Studio 2020.4.1 Community Edition and for creating the Custom Activity I used Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition


Access to NSE website is required


By clicking download you agree to the following license.