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Interview Process Management System

Workflow Template

Workflow Template

Updated: October 27th, 2020

Published: May 31st, 2020

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Industry: management-of-companies-and-enterprises

Process: Human Resources

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Interview Process Management System

Workflow Template


This project helps with the automation of existing manual processes performed by HR /Recruitment team(s) during the walk-in or scheduled interviews

Below are the key points/steps for this idea/solution :
  • Automatically extracts candidate's data, interviewer data from a data source (Excel sheet in this case)
  • Gets crucial information, like Skills, Endorsement, Recommendations, Accomplishments, from LinkedIn site via website data scraping
  • Automates the interviewer allotment, out of matching interviewer pool based on job position & round, based on availability. Then adds candidate data in the queue for that interviewer.
  • Handles interview result, feedback and manages workflow.
  • Automates candidate's interview round management.
  • Automates all notifications. Notification email includes LinkedIn profile data of the candidate also.



1. It offers numerous automation functionalities for HR processes that are executed with traditional HR systems. This means processes can be executed more quickly and accurately, and with minimal human intervention.
2. 70% automation of operations
3. ROI in three months and nearly 0% error rate
4. Manual effort reduction by 80%
5. Faster recruitment process; reduction of processing time by 75%
6. 60% cost savings


Compatible to Windows Operating System and UiPath Studio version 2019.1 and above


1. Excel file as Data source
2. SMTP account details for email notifications
3. LinkedIn sales navigator trial/paid version


- RPA interviewPanel Workflow.pdf
- Readme.readme


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