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Car Search and Extract - Robot Pack



Updated: October 19th, 2020

Published: February 20th, 2020

Downloads: 7

Industry: retail-trade

Process: Sales

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

Tags: Car search

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Car Search and Extract - Robot Pack



This simple Robot will search for the pre-owned cars in the US market and get you the results in a spreadsheet for easy analysis. Powered by

This Robot gets inputs like make and model of the car and an US zip code. It then searches the internet for pre-owned cars based on the inputs given and loads the results (with key details like car information, price, mileage, distance from you, Weblink) in a spreadsheet. Then you can filter/sort the details in the spreadsheet to find the car of your need and liking.

Additional Information:
If you do not provide any make/model of the car, the Robot will look for all the makes and models.
The Robot needs a valid US zip code to search else it would look for the cars in New York City. Before loading the results to a spreadsheet, the robot will prompt you to filter the search results in the web page if needed.
While this Robot is built for the US market using this can be customized to suit other countries and websites.



Eases the car buying process.


Built and tested in Studio 2019.10.3 although it should be compatible with all previous and current versions of the Studio.


Basic packages that come with Studio installation


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