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BalaReva Excel Activities

Custom Activity


This package consists of multiple Custom Activities that simplify processes in Excel

This package contains more than 30 custom activities that can be applied to any Workbook, Worksheet, and Sheet data. All the components can be easily configured as they are created in a user-friendly manner.
Below you can find details about some of the activities:

  • Pie, Column, Line, Bar charts for the excel data Generate different chart types
  • Rename Work Sheet - Update the worksheet name
  • Hide/Unhide Apply a hide/unhide command to a sheet
  • Column Hide/Unhide Apply a hide/unhide command to a column
  • Row Hide/Unhide Apply a hide/unhide command to a row Copy Data
  • Copy data to Clipboard. After the information is copied you will be able to paste it herever you need it.
  • Clipboard To Datatable Convert Clipboard data to a data table
  • Delete Data Delete or Clear data from a specified sheet range
  • Merge Cells Combine multiple adjacent cells into a single larger cell
  • Unmerge Cells Change a merged cell back into standard cells
  • Comment Activities Add, delete, get, show and hide comments in specific cell
  • Add/Delete Sheet Add or delete new sheet to the existing workbook
  • Change Cell Type Change the cell range data type like (number and date ....etc )
  • Export WorkBook Using this activity can save as pdf
  • Extract Graph Image Extract all the graph save as images
  • AutoFit Columns
  • AutoFit Rows
  • Copy To File
  • Delete Sheet
  • Find Replace
  • Format Cells
  • HyperlinkAdd
  • InsertImage
  • InsertImageAtCell
  • InsertTableFormat
  • RemoveDuplicates
  • RemoveHyperlink
  • AddSheet
  • CopyToWorkBook
  • CreateWorkBook
  • ExportWorkBook
  • GetSheetsName
  • ProtectUnProtectSheet
  • SetPassword
  • Set (Change ) Table format

In the Resources Tab I have attached the details of all the components in the document (Guide.docx).



By using this custom activity you can avoid more activity involvement in the normal workflow development for Excel processes. It reduces the time and effort required for tedious automation. It is more reliable and very easy to use. It saves execution time.


UiPath Studio 2018.2.2 to UiPath Studio 2018.4.0




- Guide.docx
- InstallationGuide.docx


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