Awesome Data Table

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 26th, 2020

Published: September 17th, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Awesome Data Table

Custom Activity


Manipulate multiple Data Table using query language

Create Consolidated Data Tables by merging a list of multiple Data Tables and use the below functions:
  • Dynamically Create new columns;
  • Apply filter based on specific conditions;
  • Sort the Data Table information descendant/ascendant;
  • Top N Rows;
  • Apply Excel formula;
  • Remove duplicates.

Let’s say there are 4 different Data Tables with the same schema. For this type of information use this custom activity and apply the below series of operations:
  • Merge Data Tables (1+2+3+4);
  • Remove-Duplicates;
  • Filter Salary > 40000;
  • Order the Salary value descendent;
  • Select SNo=Row(SNo), FirstName, LastName, EmployeeName = FirstName&LastName, Salary, EmployeeType , YearlySalary =Salary*12 | Top 5
Input Parameters:
  1. InputDTList : (List<DataTables>)
  2. AQLString (String)
Output Parameters:
  1. ResultDT (DataTable)
  2. ResultCSV(String)



Create Consolidated Data Tables merging a list of multiple data tables where we can also
·      Dynamically Create new columns on the fly
·      Apply filter based on some conditions
·      Sort the data table by desc, asc
·      Top N Rows
·      Apply Excel formula on the fly
·      Remove duplicates 


UiPath 2019.0.4




- Awesome_DT_20190712.pdf


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