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FutureWorkForce - Automated Travel Permit (RO)



Published: March 25th, 2020

Enquiries: 1

Industry: management-of-companies-and-enterprises

Process: Human Resources

FutureWorkForce - Automated Travel Permit (RO)



Generation process of the travel permits required in the COVID-19 context, using personal data picked up from the given e-mail mailbox.

Generation process for the permanent attestation document from the workplace that proves the need of commuting to the workplace and of the statement of own responsibility in the COVID-19 context, using personal data picked up from the given e-mail mailbox.

- All mail messages received on the given Outlook e-mail address are read, having the given keywords in the subject. These mail messages must have attached an .xlsx file which contains the personal data required for filling the documents. These files are downloaded locally, in a temporary folder.

- The received files are read and the attestations are created, which are then sent back to the requester. The data from these files is added in a centralizing file, in order to maintain a good visibility on the requesters for these documents.

- After sending all the attestations (which only happens once, when the request is received), the centralizer is read and all the information for all the requesters is read. For all the requesters, the corresponding statements are sent. These statements are sent on each process run, with the current date completed in the documents.



Daily activities automated using a one-time input


Studio 2018.1.3


- UiPath.Excel.Activities (2.7.2)
- UiPath.Mail.Activities (1.7.2)
- UiPath.Word.Activities (1.3.4)

Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook installed