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Attended Robot Office Add-Ins



Updated: November 11th, 2020

Published: February 21st, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Attended Robot Office Add-Ins



Included are three examples of leveraging UiPath's new Robot.js SDK functionality to interact with Attended Robots, all from Excel and Outlook!

The UiPath Robot.js SDK allows for contextual interaction with Attended Robots. For more information, see the Robot.js documentation (
For information on building Office Add-Ins, see the official Microsoft documentation (

Included are the following demos:
  • Uploading new marketing leads from a spreadsheet, into a web application (Excel)
  • Open and interact with Mail Messages (Outlook)
  • Receipt processing (Outlook)
Folder Contents:
  • Three directories, one for each demo project
  • Setup instructions for Node.js, as this is required by all of the projects
  • Each directory will contain README detailing specific setup instructions, a Nuget package for the process invoked (as well as any dependencies not from a standard Nuget stream) and source code for the Add-In and the accompanying demo workflow



Triggering attended processes directly from Outlook and Excel allows for end users to remain entirely in the context of the business applications that they are used to working in every day. These demos are great collateral for customer conversations around attended user experience, and they also provide an example of how developers can leverage the new Robot.js SDK in their own applications even outside of Microsoft Office.


See Robot.js compatibility requirements (


UiPath Robot, Microsoft Office, Node.js


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