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Arria Connect custom activities allow you to leverage Natural Language Generation (NLG) in your automation to generate written (or spoken) text, summaries or reports from the data in your workflow



Bring natural-language narratives into your workflow to bridge the communication gap between robots and humans.
Easily automate reports previously written by humans.
Dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of your analytics and reporting.
NLG ingests vast quantities of data, analyzes it, draws conclusions—and instantly turns it into writing that seems written by a human subject matter expert.
The written reports, explanations, and summaries Arria’s NLG creates can be custom-tailored to the specific readers of the narratives.


UiPath Studio 2018.4.5 upwards


 Nuget Package :  NuGet Package Explorer (5.0.230+25a5761361)
 Third-party libraries :  Newtonsoft.Json 9.0.1 (License : The MIT License (MIT))