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Published: July 11th, 2019

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Industry: finance-and-insurance

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Applica - Robotic Text Automation



Automating text-intensive business processes through AI.

Applica‘s proprietary brain-inspired Contextual Awareness technology gives companies the ability to interpret documents in a highly contextualized way, giving meaning and classification to every harvested datapoint – enabling decision making and further document processing using UiPath RPA. It can be trained to new use-cases with just a handful of examples and self-learns from interactions with end-users. Thus, Applica can be rapidly deployed by non-experts in a wide variety of business settings.. Applica is engineered by a world-class R&D team of over 50 PhDs and AI scientists.
The Applica-UiPath Connector is ready to use, please contact us directly to access it. It provides the integration between UiPath and Applica’s Robotic Text Automation platform. Typically, automation of a text-intensive process consists of five main steps. First the documents are downloaded from a repository using UiPath and are OCRed. The next step consists of business context identification (e.g.: customer or case number) and its accuracy is crucial for the entire process. For this reason, the data harvested in this step is validated using UiPath against the customer’s database for cross validation. In the next step, the actual classification and contextual extraction of information takes place. For each datapoint Applica yields a confidence level that is used for decision making regarding automated vs. manual processing. The datapoints extracted by Applica are passed on to UiPath for further processing (e.g.: entry of the extracted data into the user's desired system, further decision making, etc.). For additional details please visit the "Resources" tab and consult the Workflow graph and "IntegrationDescription" file.



Extracts any information from documents while keeping track of context. For example, every name, amount, or address extracted from a document has an attributed role.
Documents or text fragments can be classified into any number of categories, depending on task utility.
Architecture is based on containers, which enables extremely fast deployment.
Teams without prior AI experience are able to rapidly deploy and support the Applica solution without having to engage AI-engineering resources.


We are adapting our solution to all available versions of UiPath Studio at the customer's request.


Applica's DeepText connects through REST API


- IntegrationDescription.pdf