Amazon Rekognition

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: August 11th, 2020

Published: August 27th, 2019

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Amazon Rekognition

Custom Activity


Image analysis and facial recognition powered by Amazon's Rekognition service

Amazon Rekognition Image is an image recognition service that detects objects, scenes, faces, text, and inappropriate content in images. You can also use the service to search and compare faces.
The package contains 9 activities:
  • Amazon Scope - Establishes an authenticated connection between UiPath and your AWS Account using your IAM credentials.
  • Add Face - Detects faces in an image and then adds them to a collection.
  • Analyze Face - Detects facial features such as a beard, glasses, facial emotions, etc.
  • Compare Faces - Compares up to 100 faces in two images.
  • Create Collection - Creates a storage container for known faces, so they can be matched to other images.
  • Identify Face - Searches an established collection of faces for one that matches the input image.
  • Detect Labels - Detects real-world objects within an image, such as flowers, dogs, clouds.
  • Detect Text - Detects words within an image.
  • Safe Search - Detects unsafe content such as nudity and suggestive material.



Detect Labels - Tag images based on content.
Safe Search - Filter explicit adult content from imagery.
Detect Text - Detect and extract text from images.
Face Rekognition - Identify individuals by their face from only one image.


UiPath Studio 2018.3+


UiPath.Amazon.Scope.Activities 0.1+
AWSSDK.Rekognition [3.3.100, 4.0.0)


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