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Updated: October 21st, 2020

Published: January 9th, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Alpaca Form Builder



This library and project template allows UiPath Studio users to build rich HTML forms with a variety of UI controls and configurable validation



There is some demand for the capability in UiPath to build an input form (in the context of an attended process) where the input form itself had dynamically generated controls based on some other data in a process. This project allows for this as you can do things like add controls to a form in a loop or add radio button, checkbox, or select options dynamically from some data.
Beyond dynamically generated forms, it's also useful for UiPath Studio users to be able to build forms quickly without having to resort to using outside tools to do so.
Easily build web forms using UiPath Studio with configurable validation
Forms have configurable layouts, headers, and footers
Forms are created with a responsive user interface
Create multiple forms per page with configurable navigation
Forms work well in the UiPath 'custom input' activity to gather input in attended processes
Many controls to choose from
Create forms and controls in a process using activities


2018.3, 2018.4 and later



Open source: Each line has the component name, license type, and whether it's optional for use when you use this library.

Alpaca Apache 2.0 No
JQuery MIT No
Handlebars MIT No
Bootstrap MIT No
JQueryUI MIT Yes
Moment MIT Yes
Bootstrap Datetime Picker MIT Yes
JQuery PriceFormat MIT Yes
Bootstrap Color Picker MIT Yes
Spectrum (Color Picker) MIT Yes
Bootstrap Multiselect Apache 2.0 Yes
CK Editor (v4 default) GNU GPL v2 or later Yes
Summernote Editor MIT Yes


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