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Add Excel Border and AutoFit

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 9th, 2020

Published: May 21st, 2020

Downloads: 16

Industry: finance-and-insurance

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Add Excel Border and AutoFit

Custom Activity


Allows to add Excel border to range and AutoFit columns in the Excel sheet

This activity helps to add standard border to Excel without any other scripts required to be added.
It can be used independently by giving the path of the Excel. It also has a checkbox feature to enable the AutoFit columns option if required.



- Single activity to add borders to Excel range and AutoFit columns (optional).
- It performs operations without opening the file physically.
- It has timeout and continue on error feature to help in Exception Handling.
- It is independent of the Excel scope activity which allows to use this as a separate activity when and where needed. 


UiPath 2019.4




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