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Microsoft PowerPoint Related Activities

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 25th, 2020

Published: September 27th, 2018

Downloads: 101

Language compatibility: C#, Visual Basic

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Microsoft PowerPoint Related Activities

Custom Activity


The package is meant to automate building out and changing content on a PowerPoint presentation

The activity will create an instance of PowerPoint depending on the file path. An empty slide will be added and then the application will close. This is meant to be used when the amount of slides in a presentation is dynamic.
  • Delete Slide - Delete the specific slide using slide Index.
  • Export To PDF - Export the PowerPoint file to PDF file.
  • Insert Picture - Insert the image in a specific location with size.
  • Insert Slide - Insert a new slide.
  • Create PowerPoint - Create a new PowerPoint file.



Slides can be added and later changed, this means that if the number of slides or the material on those slides is dynamic it can be accommodated.
Increased integration with Microsoft PowerPoint


Studio 2018.2.2




- InstallationGuid.docx


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