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Developer Tool

Updated: October 27th, 2020

Published: April 24th, 2019

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Activity Creator

Developer Tool


A Visual Studio extension that creates custom activities for you in minutes!

Activities are the fundamental building blocks of process automations and all contain the same basic structure and boilerplate code. Why waste the time writing all this yourself when it can be auto-generated for you?

The UiPath Activity Creator allows you to easily create custom activities that work immediately in UiPath Studio. The new extension is entirely wizard-based, meaning you simply fill in fields like activity name, description, properties, types, and the entirety of the activity code is generated, including:

Activities (Scopes, Simple)
Designers (UI)
Icons :) :)
Localization files
Package Metadata

From there, just fill in the execution logic telling your activity what to do and you're done! If you know C#, you can now create UiPath activities!

See our NEW guide on How to Create Activities to get started:



The learning curve to create custom activities is greatly lowered. Creators no longer have to deal with boilerplate code, build scripts, nuget files, or even know the structure of an activity before they start coding one. All that is generated for them right in Visual Studio.
By making it easier to create custom activities, anyone can expand the UiPath ecosystem to suit their needs.


Visual Studio 2019+


Visual Studio 2019+
Some knowledge of programming languages like C#


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