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ACORD Forms Intelligent Extraction with Appulate

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 15th, 2020

Published: February 1st, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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ACORD Forms Intelligent Extraction with Appulate

Custom Activity


Provides activity to send Insurance (ACORD) PDF documents to Appulate & fetch back ACORD XMLs



Precision in data extraction from complex ACORD forms of different States, Products and Versions
Conversion of ACORD forms data into latest ACORD Standard XMLs, which is followed by more than 8000 Insurance and Platforms organizations
Ease of digitization of intake process for Insurers receiving Quote / New Business Applications from Agents / Brokers
Reducing human effort in re-typing the data into policy admin systems (PAS)
Reduce data error during re-typing of data from forms to PAS
Fast turn-around-time for quote generation and response to agents
Reduction in quote drop rates due to delay in quote response
Ease of integration with Core Policy Admin Systems by leveraging ACORD Standards (both service-based and UI-based integration)
As a basic building block, this accelerator also enables Insurers to achieve end-to-end straight-through fulfillment of quote to bind leveraging Intelligent Automation capabilities such as AI, external data pre-fill etc.


UiPath Studio 18.4+




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