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ABBYY - FlexiCapture Connector for UiPath



Updated: October 20th, 2020

Published: October 31st, 2018

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Industry: cross-industry

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ABBYY - FlexiCapture Connector for UiPath



ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector enables UiPath robot designers to connect ABBYY FlexiCapture Distributed into a robotic process flow

ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector for UiPath enables you to take full advantage of the FlexiCapture enterprise capabilities – classification, data extraction, and verification.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Distributed is the full enterprise version of FlexiCapture that can then be scaled across an enterprise and adapt to new document types and variations with minimal IT intervention.

A UiPath Custom Activity for the UiPath Designer has been created to allow files to be sent from a UiPath workflow to ABBYY FlexiCapture and get back the results.
ABBYY classification and data extraction results are returned as a document file, data files, files associated with images (e.g. signature image), list of fields capture from the document and their values, and a link to the ABBYY FlexiCapture web application where the document data can be verified.

Note: The connector download and documentation can be downloaded from here.



Leverage leading OCR and data capture technologies to automate document centric processes.

Automate the classification of documents and extraction of data, turning unstructured data into structured, actionable information.

Expand RPA usage to automate content centric processes involving documents, images, and text to support strategic digital transformation initiatives.


UiPath Enterprise Edition 19.4.4 or Community Edition 19.7.0
ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Distributed or ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud


License of ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Distributed, and UiPath


- FC12UiPathConnectorGuide.pdf