Read Email from Saved File to Object

カスタム アクティビティ

カスタム アクティビティ

バージョン: 1.0.3 (履歴を表示)

更新日: 2020年11月25日

公開日: 2018年9月12日

ダウンロード数: 2147

言語互換性: Visual Basic


コミュニティ サポート

Read Email from Saved File to Object

カスタム アクティビティ


This activity returns a .net MailMessage object, that can be handled by other existing activities, from a saved .eml file.

This activity allows you to read a .eml file (email file) and to convert into a .Net MailMessage object. The .Net object can be handled in any RPA workflow as your automation requires.
Use cases:
  • an archive of saved emails can be easily transformed into a database table for ease of use
  • any saved .eml can be 'read' and be used as necessary (for example save the attachment or read that one too or respond to email sender automatically)
  • from an entire folder with .eml files you can search the one(s) corresponding to your needs (for example if you have an archive with emails containing reports, you can find the right one using this activity and looking into each MailMessage object for key words)
NOTE: Installation Guidelines for Custom Activities can be found here.



There are some cases when the user reads emails that are saved in a file folder. Since we cannot read them directly, we open them and read content. The problem arises when we want to extract specific data, since selectors don't always work and string manipulation is required.


Studio 2018.1.3




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