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"Manage Differently"

UiPath Technology Partner

ActiveOps is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software for large scale operations management solutions to banks, insurance companies, and BPOs.

Workware+ is the leading digital operations management platform designed to simplify and reduce the cost of running operations through the analysis and optimization of resources and processes, improving service delivery and staff well-being.

Our solutions help maximize the total time available and increase work output productivity of employees, robots, teams, departmental resources, and home workers.

In conjunction with the Active Operations Management (AOM) Method, ActiveOps solutions help embed a consistent and sustainable agile framework of operations based on collaborative capacity planning, structured review meetings, and skills development.

ActiveOps operates across the globe from offices in the USA, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, and Australia.

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Through Workware+ enabled solutions customers can confidently prepare for and then run their service operations taking full advantage of the benefits of transformation programs including RPA, process discovery, automation, digitization, and outsourcing. Operational data is automatically collected, aggregated, analyzed and presented in real-time from existing digital and manual systems, enabling managers to quantify work and time and identify latent capacity.  Accurate and comprehensive real-time operations data leads to improved forecasting of both work volumes and resources.